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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What excuse does the narrator give to Mrs. Danvers?
(a) She says she has a headache.
(b) She says she is looking for a book.
(c) She says she has lost her key.
(d) She says she has lost her way.

2. What gives the impression of a church archway?
(a) Oak trees.
(b) Monster shrubs and plants.
(c) The mingled branches of beech trees.
(d) Binsey poplars.

3. Why does the narrator think "ripping" is a poor word to describe her two weeks in Maxim's company?
(a) It's a word that is not grown-up enough for her.
(b) She avoids using slang words at all times.
(c) It's a shallow expression that doesn't convey the depth of happiness she has experienced.
(d) Her late father didn't like that expression.

4. What does Maxim's Gran believe are the three most important qualities in a wife?
(a) Breeding, bearing and beauty,
(b) Fertility, feistiness and fearlessness.
(c) Breeding, brains and beauty.
(d) Archness, aristocracy and acumen.

5. Why does the narrator tell Frank Crawley that Maxim did not come to bed?
(a) She is overwrought and blurts it out unthinkingly.
(b) She wants him to find Max and intercede for her.
(c) She wants Frank to feel sorry for her.
(d) She trusts him, so confides in him.

Short Answer Questions

1. The tenor of his conversation at lunch makes it clear that Maxim . . .

2. What color is the stone of which Manderley is built?

3. What did the narrator do with the pieces of the figurine?

4. What does Maxim tell his wife at last?

5. Of what is Ben afraid?

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