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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Identify the figurative language in the phrase "lies like an empty shell."
(a) This is a metaphor.
(b) This is postmodern structuralism.
(c) This is onomatopoeia.
(d) This is a simile.

2. Why is the meal with Mrs Van Hopper eaten in silence?
(a) Mrs Van Hopper is keeping silence for Lent.
(b) The narrator has nothing to say.
(c) Mrs Van Hopper is annoyed with Max de Winter.
(d) Mrs Van Hopper likes to concentrate on the food.

3. How does Mrs Van Hopper misjudge the conversation with Maxim de Winter?
(a) She thinks Max was embarrassed by the narrator's behavior.
(b) She believes Max was flirting with the narrator.
(c) She thinks Max is falling for her.
(d) She believes Max thinks she is witty.

4. What does Mrs Van Hopper ask the narrator to fetch from her room?
(a) Her gloves.
(b) The train timetable.
(c) A letter from her daughter.
(d) A letter from her nephew.

5. What is meant by "Jasper has gone to the happy hunting grounds"?
(a) Jasper is frisky.
(b) Jasper is out hunting for rabbits.
(c) Jasper is a good hunting dog.
(d) Jasper is dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what illness is Mrs Van Hopper suffering?

2. How does the narrator respond to Maxim's note?

3. To what does the word "gaucherie" refer?

4. What is an appropriate word to use for the dream picture of Manderley's grounds and garden?

5. With what does Mrs Van Hopper compare Manderley?

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