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Objective: Students will listen to a mini lecture re ROMANCE FICTION and GOTHIC ROMANCE, as an introduction to Rebecca. They will understand the distinction between this and the Romantic Movement in literature, art and music.

1) Use overhead transparencies or write main points on the board.
Go over the history of the genre as a whole and examine some of the sub-genres of romantic fiction. List the common characteristics of the Gothic romance (of which Rebecca is an important modern example)--protagonist as orphaned, plain, ordinary; Byronic hero or anti-hero; country house location; madness; evil/corrupt antagonist; heightened imagination; a fire or other catastrophe; some form of temptation; secrets and secrets revealed; letters; a rival or rivals for the protagonist; happy endings.
Later, the features that are found in Rebecca can be identified and commented upon.

NB It is a good idea to teach Rebecca in tandem with...

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