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Manderley brochure

In the novel, Rebecca, Manderley is one of the great country houses of Great Britain. It is central to a large estate with tenant farmers, woods, orchards and gardens and is on the Cornish coast, with its grounds sloping to the water's edge.

Using your computer skills and information from the novel, create a brochure called "Manderley: One of the Stately Homes of England."

Manderley pictorial map.

Using information from the novel, construct an estate map. Include pictures of places like Happy Valley, the cottage, the woods, the hall with the minstrels' gallery, and so on.

Interior diorama.

Construct a diorama of Rebecca's room, using information provided in the novel.

Witty insults

In Chapter III, Maxim de Winter makes several witty (though unkind) remarks at Mrs. Van Hopper's expense. Find these in the novel.

Now, with a partner, write a short sketch comedy routine that uses...

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