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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* The narrator recounts her dream of Manderley.

* The narrator contrasts the warm and happy place with the one that has now been abandoned.

* The narrator explains that she now lives at a hotel far away from Manderley.

Chapter 2

* The narrator continues her nostalgic thoughts of Manderley.

* The narrator describes the day-to-day life that is lived now.

* She informs the reader that she now has a sense of freedom.

* The narrator recalls her life as a paid companion to the brash Mrs. Van Hopper.

* At the end of the chapter, attention is drawn to Max de Winter and his status as widower.

Chapter 3

* Snobbish Mrs. Van Hopper waylays Mr. de Winter in the lounge of the hotel in Monte Carlo.

* De Winter treats her snobbishness with contempt, as reflected in witty comments that she cannot comprehend.

* The narrator is embarrassed on Mrs. Van Hopper's behalf.

* Mrs. Van Hopper...

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