Reaper Man Character Descriptions

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Death - This is something that grows over time and owes his very existence to collective belief.

Bill Door - An entity takes on this name after humanizing itself.

Windle Poons - This is a senile, 130-year-old wizard.

Miss Renata Flitworth - This is the skinny old woman who hires a main character to work on her farm.

Auditors - These are mystical, non-individuated beings whose job it is to oversee the running of the universe.

Azrael - This is the supreme being of the cosmos.

Archchancellor Ridcully - This is the head wizard of the Unseen University.

Albert - This person is a personal assistant.

Bursar - This is the treasurer of the Unseen University.

Dean - This is the administrator in charge of the Unseen University.

Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler - This is a hoodlum and street peddler.

Modo - This is the dwarf gardener of the...

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