Ready Player One Short Essay - Answer Key

Ernest Cline
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1. How is an “egg” defined in Ready Player One?

When Atari began selling games for their home gaming consoles, they did not allow game programmers to have credit for their creations. Hence, the game programmer who created the Atari game “Adventure” created a hidden key within the game that revealed his name when it was discovered and taken to a special secret room. This came to be called an Easter Egg.

2. What conflict is presented in the Prologue to Ready Player One?

The conflict that will propel the plot is presented in the prologue of this novel. The inventor of an amazing virtual universe, the OASIS, has died and left a huge fortune as well as control of the OASIS behind. This man, Halliday, has hidden what is known as an Easter Egg inside the OASIS. The person who finds the egg will inherit everything, including control over OASIS.

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