Objects & Places from Ready Player One

Ernest Cline
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These items made of copper, jade, and crystal are sought by the protagonist and his fellow competitors in order to pass through each level in their search.


This term in Ready Player One refers to the protagonist and others who are seeking Halliday's hidden bit of code.


This term in the novel refers to employees of the IOI corporation who are in competition to find Halliday's bit of code.

Easter Egg

This hidden bit of programming created by James Halliday is the ultimate objective that the protagonist and others are seeking in the novel.

Anorak's Almanac

This is the journal that James Halliday left behind. It is filled with clues for the protagonist and his competitors.


This name refers to a massive interactive virtual universe where the protagonist and his competitors search for their objective, attend school, and interact with one another.

Haptic Gloves

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