Ready Player One Fun Activities

Ernest Cline
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Create a map of the different universes, planets, and settings within the narrative of Ready Player One. How do you envision the different worlds within OASIS?

Video Game

Create your own video game based on the narrative of Ready Player One. Alternately, write a detailed description of a video game you would create.

Character Obituary

Write an obituary for one of the characters in the novel. How would this character be remembered?

1980s Trivia

Create a trivia game that explores the 1980s pop-cultural allusions in Ready Player One.

Create an Avatar

Create your own avatar for the OASIS universe. How would your avatar look?

Dungeons and Dragons

The role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons features heavily in the narrative of Ready Player One. Create your own Dungeons and Dragons game in class.

Web Page

Create a web page which details the persons of the text. You may choose...

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