Ready Player One Character Descriptions

Ernest Cline
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Wade Watts

This character is a 17-year-old who lives in a poor area of Oklahoma City in the year 2045. He is a gunter who is actively searching for the egg hidden in the OASIS programming.

Samantha Cook

This character employs the avatar Art3mis in the OASIS interface. She is a gunter who runs a blog on which she writes intelligently and humorously about the hunt for the egg in OASIS.

Helen Harris

This character in the novel employs an avatar named Aech in OASIS.


This character uses the avatar Shoto in OASIS.

Toshiro Yoshiaki

This character, who uses the avatar named Daito in OASIS, is a young man who has become locked in his apartment, suffering from a self-imprisonment referred to as hikikomori in Japan.

Nolan Sorrento

This character is Head of Operations at IOI. He desperately wants to be the first to find the egg in...

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