Ready Player One Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ernest Cline
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Prologue and Level One: Chapters 1-5

• Ready Player One is a dystopian science fiction novel by American author Ernest Cline.

• In the Prologue, James Halliday, a brilliant game programmer, is introduced in the 1980s.

• Halliday, an introvert who often has trouble speaking to people, is a brilliant gamer, but dies in the year 2039; prior to his death, Halliday sends an invitation to the millions of people who use his virtual universe system, OASIS, to search for his own Easter Egg.

• The hunter first is to find three keys and pass the tests behind three gates that these keys open; the first to find the egg will inherit Halliday's vast estate, worth several billion dollars, as well as control of his company, Gregarious Simulation Systems or GSS, and OASIS.

• Immediately, millions of people began searching for the egg, but in the five years that have passed since his death...

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