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Short Answer Questions

1. What passages of scripture does the boy find intriguing?

2. What does Katie's sister tell her that upsets her?

3. What does the boy's mother do with the flower he gives her in Chapter 6?

4. What information does Katie have over her sister?

5. Why does the boy not tell his mother everything he knows about Eddie's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Crazy Joe such a valuable character to the story of Eddie's disappearance and death?

2. What does Sergeant Burke reveal about Eddie's death and Tony's involvement?

3. What information does the boy's mother find out after Sergeant Burke dies that makes her angry?

4. What does the boy mean when he says he has become the "plague himself" by wanting to know what had "plagued her"?

5. What is Sergeant Burke's purpose for going to the boy's mother and revealing all that he knows of Eddie's death?

6. Why does Sergeant Burke say he beat up Frank and why does he apologize for it?

7. Why does the boy narrator find it important to his relationship with his mother that he keep her secret?

8. What happens to Jimmy and Claire?

9. Who is Danno Bredin?

10. Why is the boy again upset with his mother at the end of Chapter 5?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does the boy narrator experience any form of catharsis in the novel? If so, what level of catharsis does he attain? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Which characters in the novel would be considered guides for the boy narrator? What do they teach him? Are they positive or negative mentors?

Essay Topic 3

As the novel progresses, the mystery of Eddie's disappearance is pieced together by the boy narrator.

1. What does the boy learn about his family because of the family secret?

2. How has the boy's relationship with his parents changed as the secret has been revealed?

3. How has the boy's determination to find out the secret changed as the secret slowly becomes revealed?

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