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Short Answer Questions

1. In October of 1952, where is the boy sent to live?

2. During the war, when the alarms go off because of the air raids, where does the family hide?

3. What does the boy find in the wardrobe of his sister's bedroom?

4. How does the boy's grandfather die?

5. Who tells the boy's father about Eddie's killing?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the boy's father takes him and his brother Liam out on the boat, what does his father reveal to them and why does it make the boy feel uncomfortable?

2. Why does the boy throw a rock at Sergeant Burke's police car?

3. What strong religious beliefs of his community does the boy share in the beginning of Chapter 1?

4. The theme of disappearance is further discussed in Chapter 2. Explain.

5. Describe Crazy Joe.

6. How can we see in Chapter 2 that the belief in the supernatural is a powerful force in Northern Ireland during this time?

7. Why is the boy narrator fond of Aunt Katie?

8. What memory does the boy have of an interaction between him and Crazy Joe?

9. Who is Tony and what happened to him?

10. Describe the events surrounding the distillery and what happens to it.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the theme of secrets within the text. What kind of impact does secret-keeping have on the characters of the novel? How does it affect the plot as it progresses? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Good vs. evil is an important theme in the novel. Show how three characters made the wrong decision in regards to Eddie's death and explain what they should have done differently.

Essay Topic 3

Foreshadowing is used multiple times in the novel. Cite three examples and show how they are used to indicate events that will happen later in the novel.

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