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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where does the title of the novel get its name?
(a) The boy's reading of his first book.
(b) The sadness felt by the boy after being forced to read only at night.
(c) The confusion the boy feels by not understanding what he reads.
(d) The loneliness of reading alone and the boy's feeling of being alone.

2. During the war, when the alarms go off because of the air raids, where does the family hide?
(a) Under the stairs.
(b) In the neighbor's house.
(c) In the bathtub.
(d) In the air raid shelters.

3. When the boy and his brother, Liam, are taken across the river by their father, what does his father's explanation about Eddie reveal to the boy?
(a) The boy knows more than his father knows.
(b) His father knows more about Eddie's disappearance than does anyone else.
(c) His father knows nothing of Eddie's disappearance.
(d) Liam knows more about Eddie's disappearance than does the boy.

4. What does "The Shan Van Vocht" mean?
(a) The Conflict of Past.
(b) The Poor Old Woman.
(c) The Land of Poverty.
(d) The Lovely Dark Land.

5. Chapter 3 opens with the narrator talking about the neighborhood having what kind of infestation problem?
(a) Roaches.
(b) Bees.
(c) Rats.
(d) Mice.

6. How old was the boy's father when he was left in charge of the family?
(a) 21.
(b) 17.
(c) 12.
(d) 14.

7. Who is hired to look after the two children, Francis and Frances?
(a) Aunt Bernadette.
(b) Brigid McLaughlin.
(c) Una.
(d) Katie McIlhenny.

8. Who is the real informer?
(a) Larry McLaughlin.
(b) The boy's grandfather.
(c) Crazy Joe.
(d) Tony McIlhenny.

9. Why does Brigid think she is going mad?
(a) She keeps losing things.
(b) The orphans keep changing.
(c) She is losing her voice.
(d) She sees ghosts out the window.

10. What is going to be built across the river?
(a) Private farmhouse.
(b) British oxygen plant.
(c) Police station.
(d) Catholic church.

11. What are the IRA gunmen protesting at the shootout at the distillery?
(a) The shutdown of the distillery.
(b) The prohibition of alcohol.
(c) The founding of Northern Ireland.
(d) The death of a policeman.

12. What does Sergeant Burke suggest to the boy as he gives him a ride home?
(a) That Eddie was killed.
(b) That the boy's father is responsible for Eddie's disappearance.
(c) That Eddie was involved in something dangerous before his disappearance.
(d) That the boy's father doesn't know what really happened to Eddie.

13. Why is the murder case of 1921 thrown out of court?
(a) The murder suspect had a proven alibi.
(b) The murder suspect disappeared.
(c) The evidence was tampered with.
(d) There wasn't enough evidence.

14. Why does the boy ride home with Sergeant Burke in the police car?
(a) He was in trouble.
(b) He didn't have a ride home.
(c) He was being bullied.
(d) He was out wandering at night.

15. Which section of the library does Crazy Joe frequent?
(a) The literature section.
(b) The history section.
(c) The adult section.
(d) The art section.

Short Answer Questions

1. What key theme of the novel is introduced in Chapter 1?

2. What causes the boy to have nightmares?

3. What happens to the boy when the police come to search the house?

4. In what ways are the boys in the math class punished if they do not answer the questions correctly?

5. On what day do the Francis and Frances' parents die?

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