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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In October of 1952, where is the boy sent to live?
(a) With a neighbor.
(b) With his grandfather.
(c) With one of his uncles.
(d) With one of his aunts.

2. What is going to be built across the river?
(a) British oxygen plant.
(b) Catholic church.
(c) Police station.
(d) Private farmhouse.

3. What information does Katie have over her sister?
(a) Tony left her sister to be with Katie.
(b) What happened to their parents.
(c) The details of Eddie's disappearance.
(d) Where Katie's sister's husband ran off.

4. What does Jimmy do before he is found dead?
(a) He kills Claire.
(b) He hides the gun.
(c) He visits the doctor.
(d) He curses at the window of the room where Danno had lived.

5. What happens to both Brigid and Larry in Chapter 2?
(a) They are killed.
(b) They both cannot see.
(c) They have lost their ability to speak.
(d) They have both lost their jobs.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the boy's mother develops depression, what does she begin to have visions of?

2. From where does the title of the novel get its name?

3. Who is Danno Bredin?

4. Who gives a gun to the boy's father?

5. Who is Ena?

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