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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


In Chapter 1, the narrator begins to see the conflict in his community between Catholics and Protestants. He experiences this firsthand as he encounters sympathy for the Protestant police after the death of Rory Hannaway. This lesson will discuss the concept of social upbringing as it pertains to the novel.


1.) Group work: Split the class into two groups. Research the Protestant/Catholic conflict of Northern Ireland between 1922-1966. (Group A) What are some factors that caused the conflict? (Group B) What problems arose in Northern Ireland because of this conflict? (Group C) How was Northern Ireland changed because of the conflict?

2.) Class discussion: The boy narrator encounters a conflict within himself in response to Rory Hannaway's death. He wants to feel sympathy for the Protestant police but knows that he shouldn't because he has been raised as a Catholic. Do you think he should ignore his...

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