Reading in the Dark Character Descriptions

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Boy narrator - This character is intelligent, curious, imaginative, sensitive, inquisitive, and remarkably gifted.

The boy's mother - This character is weak and suffers greatly from depression.

The boy's father - This character has a reserved and compassionate character that resulted from having to take care of siblings as a young adult.

Grandfather - This character was a prominent local figure whose abuse of power led to the death of several people.

Uncle Eddie - This character's death is the focus of the storyline of the novel.

Tony McIlhenny - This character is the real IRA informer working with the police, but is forced to leave the country and ultimately leave behind his or her family.

Crazy Joe - When not walking the streets, this character is often found in the library where he or she has gained extensive knowledge about art and literature.

Sergeant Burke -...

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