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Part 1, Chapter 1 | Part 1, Chapter 2

• The narrator has hepatitis and explains how he has been bedridden.

• The narrator remembers how a woman rescued him from getting sick on the street and took him to her home.

• The narrator describes the building where the woman lives, and his dreams in which he sees the building in different places.

Part 1, Chapter 3 | Part 1, Chapter 4

• The narrator learns the woman's name is Frau Schmitz, he returns to give her flowers and thank her for taking care of him.

• The narrator describes the woman and her small apartment.

• As the narrator turns to go, the woman says she has to leave as well, and needs to change her clothes.

• The narrator watches her change clothes, and she notices--so he runs away and out of the building.

Part 1, Chapter 5 | Part 1, Chapter 6

• One week later, the narrator returns to the apartment after thinking it over at...

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