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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character identifies the narrator as Maugham?
(a) Isabel
(b) Mrs. Bradley
(c) Larry
(d) Elliott

2. What is Patty's role in the war?
(a) A private
(b) A pilot
(c) A machine gunner
(d) A mechanic

3. What does Sophie turn to after her husband dies?
(a) Alcohol and sex
(b) Sport
(c) Violence
(d) Drugs

4. How many years is it until Maugham sees Larry and Isabel again?
(a) Nine years
(b) Eight years
(c) Ten years
(d) Five years

5. Gray is made a partner in ______________.
(a) A brokerage business
(b) A bomb factory
(c) A decorating business
(d) A clothes factory

6. What are the names of Isabella's two children?
(a) John and Joan
(b) Timmy and Jack
(c) Larry and Henry
(d) Joan and Priscilla

7. At what time of year do Mrs. Bradley and Isabel arrive in Paris?
(a) Autumn
(b) Winter
(c) Summer
(d) Spring

8. Who does Larry meets in Lens?
(a) Kosti
(b) Jakub
(c) Danny
(d) Lenny

9. What is the reason the author states he is writing the story?
(a) He needs money.
(b) His friend's biographer will have useful information.
(c) He needs people to understand.
(d) He wants to get over his depression.

10. What did Isabel do instead of telling Larry she is having his baby?
(a) Cries
(b) Gives him some money
(c) Kisses him goodnight
(d) Tells him she loves him

11. In what state does Gray have a plantation?
(a) South Carolina
(b) Missouri
(c) Kentucky
(d) Washington

12. What does Isabel presume Larry still is?
(a) A joker
(b) A child
(c) A dreamer
(d) A virgin

13. Why does Isabel say she does not go with Larry's plan to travel Europe?
(a) She wants to have a baby.
(b) She is scared.
(c) She wants Larry to get a job.
(d) She wants to go home.

14. In what year does Elliott move to the French Riviera?
(a) 1927
(b) 1924
(c) 1932
(d) 1929

15. How old is Elliott?
(a) 81
(b) 76
(c) 70
(d) 55

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sends Sophie to Paris?

2. About shat does Larry say he is trying to find answers?

3. Who gives Isabel away?

4. From what is Gray suffering when he goes out to dinner?

5. Which is the only main character that Maugham says he still sees frequently?

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