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Principles of Psychology - Principles of Psychology

The book that Maugham sees Larry reading at the club's library. It's one of the first signs that Larry is different and an indication of his intellectual interests.

The Drugstore - Here, Isabel tells Maugham the details of her confrontation with Larry, a conversation that ends with him leaving for Paris.

Lens - After growing tired of Paris, Larry leaves for this French city.

Elliott's Boxer Shorts - While running errands with Elliott, Maugham notices Elliott has a crest on these. The crest is a Count's crest, an honor bestowed upon Elliott by the Catholic Church for his donations toward building a new church.

Count de Lauria - This is Elliott's prized costume. He wants to wear it to the biggest party of the season on the Riviera.

Zubrovka - The Polish vodka that Elliott tastes at a luncheon which...

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