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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What religion does Zenchi practice?
(a) Buddhism.
(b) Islam.
(c) Christianity.
(d) Judaism.

2. What does the sign say will ascend from the pond?
(a) A whale.
(b) A serpent.
(c) A giant.
(d) A dragon.

3. What does Shuri use to murder Munernori?
(a) A long sword.
(b) A short sword.
(c) An ax.
(d) A dagger.

4. Which two countries are fighting?
(a) Tibet and Tawain.
(b) Thailand and Cambodia.
(c) Japan and China.
(d) Korea and Vietnam.

5. What was Kandata's one act of goodness?
(a) He resuscitated an old man.
(b) He took in an orphan child.
(c) He refrained from stamping on a spider.
(d) He saved a drowning dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of test does Buddha say Kandata failed?

2. What is Zenchi's chief characteristic?

3. Who makes the first testimony in the Bamboo Grove?

4. What does Zenchi use to pluck out the fat from the nose?

5. What did the woodcutter discover in the bamboo grove?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problems is the servant having in his life in Rashomon?

2. Describe Shino's life.

3. What emotion does Xiao-er feel as he rides away dying?

4. How does the Lord kill Yoshihide's daughter?

5. Describe the character of Shuri.

6. Describe the character of O-Kimi.

7. Why does O-Gin decide to renounce her faith?

8. Describe the moment the dragon rises from the pond.

9. Why do the green onions affect O-Kimi so much?

10. How does Tajomaru lure the couple into the bamboo grove?

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