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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author apologize for at the beginning of the story?
(a) That such an ordinary man is the protaganist.
(b) That he he has to tell such a tired tale.
(c) That he may may make the reader feel sick.
(d) That his memory is not the best.

2. What is the second story made up of?
(a) Diary entries.
(b) Testimonies.
(c) Obituaries.
(d) Textual fragments.

3. What happens to Tseneko before she can see her husband's horse legs?
(a) She vomits.
(b) She has a heart attack.
(c) She faints.
(d) She sees a red mist.

4. What does Shinsuke see floating in the river?
(a) A dead animal.
(b) A pair of boots.
(c) A samarai shield.
(d) A dead person.

5. How is the narrator informed of his mother's death?
(a) By letter.
(b) By his father.
(c) By telegram.
(d) By a messenger boy.

6. What does the author hear a man mention that something is?
(a) Tantalizing.
(b) Superb.
(c) Dedaulus.
(d) Tantalus.

7. What is Sasaki's rank?
(a) General.
(b) Major.
(c) Colonel.
(d) Admiral.

8. What is the name of the river Shinsuke visits with his father?
(a) Sumida River.
(b) Tomkins River.
(c) Honjo River.
(d) Juniper River.

9. Who does the author say he sees slaying a dragon?
(a) The Monkey King.
(b) St. George.
(c) King Arthur.
(d) Sir Lancelot.

10. What does the critic call Yasukichi's writings?
(a) Spare-time jottings.
(b) Over-wroght.
(c) Ramblings of a genuis.
(d) Dull and techically awful.

11. What does Shinsuke call the diary he wants to write?
(a) The Diary of the Forgotten.
(b) Poverty Pourings.
(c) Diary of Hope.
(d) Diary without Self-Deceit.

12. Who does the author believe is chasing him?
(a) Furies.
(b) Dragons.
(c) Samarais.
(d) Elves.

13. What can't the narrator concentrate on writing his article?
(a) He is too tired.
(b) His wife is nagging.
(c) The baby is crying.
(d) He is worried.

14. Why does the author say he has to stop the story?
(a) He has to sleep.
(b) His wife is calling him.
(c) He is full of despair.
(d) His ink is running out.

15. What kind of legs do the Chinese men give Hanzaburo?
(a) Broken legs.
(b) Cow legs.
(c) Horse legs.
(d) Bow legs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has the narrator been hired to write?

2. What does the author use to help him sleep?

3. What does the initially doctor say is wrong with the narrator's baby?

4. What does a traditional Buddhist funeral begin with?

5. What does the narrator witness when he is 28?

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