Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What problems is the servant having in his life in Rashomon?

With no master and thus no job or income, the servant wonders how he will get on in life. He dares to think of thievery as a way to survive, but the prospect of being an outlaw frightens him.

2. What does the servant find when he gets in the tower?

When he enters the tower, the servant finds stacks of bodies, the victims of the various warlord wars and other consequences of the times. In the corner, he see an old woman plucking hairs from a corpse.

3. How does Tajomaru lure the couple into the bamboo grove?

Tajomaru lures both Kanazawa and Masago off the main road with the promise of looting an ancient burial mound full of treasures and valuable relics. Once deep in the woods, Masago waits with the horses while Tajomaru and Kanazawa go deeper into the grove. Suddenly Tajomaru attacks Kanazawa binds him and stuffs leaves in his mouth.

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