Objects & Places from Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories

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Rashomonappears in Rashomon - This is a once-magnificent imperial gate that has, by the time of the story, fallen into bad disrepair and ruin.

The Dragon of Sarusawa Pondappears in Dragon The Old Potter's Tale - A Buddhist monk, E'in, plays a prank on his town by claiming that his will arise from the nearby pond on a certain date. T

The Spider Threadappears in Spider Thread - This provides Kandata a chance to escape Hell, but it also serves as a test of the man's compassion.

The Hell Screenappears in Hell Screen - This is a multiple-panel folding screen that Lord Harikawa hires the great painter Yoshihide to make.

Hanzaburo's Horse Legsappears in Horse Legs - Hanzaburo is cursed with these to replace after he dies by accident.

Shinsuke's Used Deskappears in Daidoji Shinsuke The Early Years - Tis becomes a symbol for Shinsuke of his...

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