Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories Character Descriptions

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Daidoji Shinsukeappears in Daidoji Shinsuke The Early Years

He grew up in Honjo, a poor and run-down district in Tokyo, and the boy comes to like the area more than richer areas. This upbringing and event can perhaps explain his interest in the macabre.

Yoshihideappears in Hell Screen

He has a single daughter and is very possessive of her, to the dismay of the local Lord. He is a contrarian, and where others find the Lord's promotion of his daughter a great honor, this character wishes only that the Lord demote her.

Naigu Zenchiappears in The Nose

He is a Buddhist priest who has low self-esteem.

E'inappears in Dragon The Old Potter's Tale

To get back at the town who ridicules him, he plays a trick, posting a sign near Sarusawa Pond stating that a dragon will emerge from the pond on a certain date. To his amazement...

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