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Rashomon, In a Bamboo Grove, and The Nose

• An unemployed servant with no money wonders how he will survive. He thinks about turning to crime, but is too frightened to go through with it. Looking for a place to stay, the servant sees that the dilapidated Rashomen is open and he climbs to its second floor.

• In Rashomon, the servant finds piles of dead bodies and a woman plucking hairs from a corpse. He confronts the woman, but she claims the corpse she is pulling hairs from deserves it because she sinned. Using the woman's logic, the servant takes her robe and leaves.
• In court, a woodcutter tells how he discovered the dead body of a man in a bamboo grove. A priest tells the court he saw the murdered man riding with a pretty girl. A policeman testifies that he caught the thief Tajomaru with the man's...

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