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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Giovanni realize is the fragrance Baglioni smelled?
(a) The poison on his breath.
(b) Lisabetta's perfume.
(c) The petals stuck to the bottom of his shoe.
(d) Beatrice's perfume.

2. What vanity does the author say is expected in a young man?
(a) To pluck his nostril hairs.
(b) To look in the mirror.
(c) To comb his hair.
(d) To put on perfume.

3. What word does the author use to describe Giovanni's bedroom?
(a) Observatory.
(b) Study.
(c) Pig sty.
(d) Chamber.

4. What does author say people find themselves to be when they have finally realized a dream?
(a) Coldly self-possessed.
(b) Overly self-indulgent.
(c) Hugely disappointed.
(d) Warmly faint.

5. What does Baglioni say Rappaccini has an insane zeal for?
(a) Science.
(b) HIs garden.
(c) Love.
(d) His daughter.

6. What does Baglioni say the perfume he can smell in Giovanni's apartment is like?
(a) The squirt of lemon juice.
(b) The breath of a flower.
(c) The breath of a lady.
(d) The spray of deodrant.

7. What does Beatrice say is her father's world?
(a) Academia.
(b) The garden.
(c) Plants.
(d) Science.

8. How does Giovanni ask Beatrice to help him?
(a) By showing him the way out of the garden.
(b) By showing him her father's files.
(c) By instructing him on the plants.
(d) By giving him her hand.

9. What does Giovanni feel know more when he gazes into Beatrice's eyes?
(a) Anger or hate.
(b) Doubt or fear.
(c) Love or kindness.
(d) Unloved and needy.

10. What is Beatrice's face brightened by?
(a) Pleasure.
(b) Humor.
(c) Love.
(d) Lightness.

11. Who does Giovanni say to Beatrice gave him the potion?
(a) A good man.
(b) Baglioni.
(c) A wise physician.
(d) A doctor in the know.

12. What does Beatrice say her father's love for science has done to her?
(a) Made her into a recluse.
(b) Estranged her from society.
(c) Shown her true beauty.
(d) Given her a grounding in life.

13. Which of the following ugly things about Beatrice does Giovanni find difficult to forget?
(a) Her language when he tired to touch the purple flower.
(b) Her scowl when he insulted her father.
(c) The bouquet withered in her grasp.
(d) Her fingerprints left on his hand and wrist.

14. Where does Beatice meet Giovanni?
(a) Under his window.
(b) The private entrance.
(c) The fountain.
(d) The purple flower.

15. What does the author say recollection of former scenes with Beatrice has makes him do?
(a) Go red.
(b) Vomit.
(c) Shrink.
(d) Laugh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Rappaccini watch Beatrice and Giovanni from?

2. What does Baglioni tell Giovanni he has been reading lately?

3. What does Beatrice say that should be the only thing Giovanni should believe about her?

4. What does Giovanni say Beatrice has filled with poison?

5. What kind of creature does Giovanni kill in this section?

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