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This is the Italian city where the story takes place.

Rappacinni's Garden

The centerpiece of this is an old cracked marble fountain with a purple flower growing next it.

Giovanni's Lodgings.

This overlooks Rappaccini's garden.

The Bouquet

Giovanni throws Beatrice this from his bedroom window.

The Fountain

Though this is cracked down the middle, water still flows from it. Giovanni thinks it has a noble quality.

The Purple Flower

Its parts have the richness of gems, illuminating the whole garden. Beatrice regards it as a kind of friend, at one point regretting that she had forgotten to give it her usual attention.

The Lizard

This dies when dew from the purple flower drips onto its body.

The Spider

Giovanni kills this when he breathes upon on it, signaling that the garden has contaminated him.

The Silver Phial

Baglioni gives Giovanni this to help Beatrice.


Giovanni visits...

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