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William Buck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many warriors does Ravana have in Lanka?
(a) 8 million
(b) 1 million
(c) 320 million
(d) 640,000

2. How do Rama and Sita return to Ayodhya?
(a) On Pushpaka
(b) By foot
(c) The monkeys and bears carry them
(d) They fly on Hanuman's back

3. What are in Ravana’s crowns?
(a) Flaming flowers
(b) Black cloth
(c) Weeds and thorns
(d) Human skulls

4. Who saves Hanuman from Ravana’s torture?
(a) Indra
(b) Sita
(c) Brahma
(d) Trijata

5. Who goes to tell Sita that Rama has won?
(a) Hanuman
(b) Rama
(c) Jambavan
(d) Sugriva

6. What does Rama tell Ravana’s spies?
(a) That they will be executed
(b) To return and they will not be harmed
(c) That they need to be detained indefinitely
(d) To see all they need to see

7. What allowed this character to know where Sita was?
(a) Second sight
(b) Exceptional eyesight
(c) Hearsay
(d) Exceptional hearing

8. How are Rama and the others revived?
(a) Indrajit’s illusions wear off, and they are restored
(b) Hanuman brings the Medicine Hill of Life from the Himalya
(c) Dasaratha’s spirit convinces Brahma to restore them
(d) Sita utters a spell that revives them

9. How does Hanuman say Sita seems to him, when he first sees her?
(a) Resplendent
(b) Bewildered
(c) Diminished
(d) Untouched

10. Why does Suka remain loyal to Ravana, even though he sees he is about to die?
(a) He partook of the same life as Ravana
(b) He knew that his fate was the same as Ravana's
(c) He had taken him for his king
(d) He had done too much evil to turn against Ravana

11. Which demon’s head is hit so hard that it is driven down into his belly?
(a) Khumbakarna
(b) Thunder-tooth
(c) Lightning-tongue
(d) Ravana

12. Where do the monkeys and bears go after Rama’s coronation?
(a) Dandaka
(b) Himalya
(c) Kishkindhya
(d) Malaya

13. Who is NOT killed by Indrajit?
(a) Jambavan
(b) Lakshmana
(c) Sugriva
(d) Rama

14. What is Sita’s reaction when Indrajit shows her Rama’s head?
(a) She weeps inconsolably
(b) She is unmoved
(c) She considers accepting Ravana
(d) She tears her hair out

15. What is the first thing Ravana thinks about each morning?
(a) Rama
(b) Sita
(c) His power
(d) His wives

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes dinner for Rama and Sita on their way back to Ayodhya?

2. What does General Prahasta ask Ravana to do?

3. Who does Hanuman defeat with a single blow?

4. Where are the dead Rakshasas buried?

5. After his victory, what is Rama presented with?

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