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William Buck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old are Kusa and Lava when they come to tell the Ramayana at the festival?
(a) 14
(b) 16
(c) 10
(d) 12

2. How does Hanuman ultimately find Sita?
(a) He gets a demon to tell him where she is
(b) He sees her while he is leaping
(c) Guards lead him to her
(d) He hears sad voices

3. Who said that creatures with faces like monkeys would kill Ravana?
(a) Indra
(b) Brahma
(c) Maya
(d) Nandin

4. Why does Suka remain loyal to Ravana, even though he sees he is about to die?
(a) He partook of the same life as Ravana
(b) He knew that his fate was the same as Ravana's
(c) He had taken him for his king
(d) He had done too much evil to turn against Ravana

5. What time of year is it when Rama and Sita return to Ayodhya?
(a) Autumn
(b) Winter
(c) Spring
(d) Summer

6. After his victory, what is Rama presented with?
(a) Bharata's sandals
(b) Ravana's robe
(c) Sita's scarf and jewels
(d) Clothes from Ayodhya

7. What does Hanuman do with the bracelet Rama gives him?
(a) Sells it
(b) Melts it
(c) Brakes it
(d) Eats it

8. What incident does Sita ask Hanuman to recall to Rama?
(a) His breaking the bow
(b) Their exile together
(c) Their marriage
(d) The crow attacking her

9. Why does Rama tell Lakshmana to abandon Sita by the Ganga River?
(a) Because he is disgusted by her now
(b) Because he must be blameless as a king
(c) Because he is angry about her betrayal
(d) Because it is the beginning of the end of his reign

10. What does Ravana say is eternal?
(a) Love
(b) Demons
(c) Life
(d) Kings

11. Who does Rama say really knows life?What gossip darkens Sita’s image in Rama’s eye?
(a) That she had a child with Ravana
(b) That she must have consorted with Ravana
(c) That she must have wanted to flee Rama
(d) That she did not want to return to Ayodhya

12. What does Rama’s festival celebrate?
(a) The coming of springtime
(b) 10,000 years of his rule
(c) Sita's return to Aydohya
(d) The end of his reign

13. Who pleads with Ravana to return Sita?
(a) Khumbakarna
(b) General Prahasta
(c) Trijata
(d) Vibhishana

14. How is Indrajit killed?
(a) His limbs are all cut off
(b) He is stabbed in the heart
(c) He is beheaded
(d) He is buried

15. Who does Hanuman defeat with a single blow?
(a) Lanka herself
(b) Ravana
(c) Trijata
(d) General Prahasta

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Khumbakarna say his only law is?

2. How does Sita respond to Ravana?

3. Who is NOT killed by Indrajit?

4. What allowed this character to know where Sita was?

5. What form does Hanuman take when he is searching Lanka for Sita?

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