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William Buck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Sumantra give Dasaratha for his opinion?
(a) Rama has not held office before
(b) He can believe what Rama says
(c) He wants to wait until Rama has been trained
(d) Rama still says foolish things

2. What test does Rama pass, to marry Sita?
(a) Solving a puzzle
(b) Performing heroic tasks
(c) Beating other suitors in a race
(d) Breaking Janaka's bow

3. Who came to take Dasaratha away, after he told the story of why Rama had had to be taken?
(a) Kala
(b) Kama
(c) Yama
(d) Vishnu

4. Why does Bharadwaja bless Kaikeyi?
(a) Because she wants to kill herself in grief
(b) Because he sympathizes with her regrets
(c) Because Rama's exile will benefit the entire world
(d) Because he knows she was innocent

5. What equipment of Rama’s does Agastya replace?
(a) His bow
(b) His quiver
(c) His arrows
(d) His sandals

6. Who offers Sita food?
(a) Surpanakha
(b) Ravana
(c) Trijata
(d) Indra

7. What is Rama’s answer when Sita urges him to discard his war arrows?
(a) That they can always seek protection with others
(b) That war is within us
(c) That she is right, he doesn't need them
(d) That his mantras are sufficient

8. Where does Bharadwaja tell Bharata to find Rama?
(a) Naimasha Forest
(b) Rishyamuka Hill
(c) Kishkindhya
(d) Chitrakuta Hill

9. What is Sumantra’s opinion, when Dasaratha asks him for his thoughts about putting Rama on the throne?
(a) He says that Dasaratha should not step down yet
(b) He says that succession is a very risky process
(c) He says that Rama will be a great king
(d) He says that he afraid Rama is not ready

10. Who wins the drinking contest Lakshmana enters into?
(a) Guha
(b) It is a tie
(c) Rama
(d) Lakshmana

11. What did Bharata see in his dream, when Dasaratha died?
(a) The animals were eating each other
(b) The fires of Ayodhya went out
(c) The sky collpased
(d) The earth swallowed Rama

12. In what did Valmiki see Rama’s life?
(a) A flowing river
(b) A mirror
(c) A handful of water
(d) A cup of tea

13. What is Vaishravana the god of?
(a) The earth
(b) All the cosmos
(c) Wealth
(d) The rain

14. What is Rama’s response when Bharata asks him to return and be king?
(a) He refuses
(b) He agrees to return
(c) He says that he is not Rama
(d) He asks Bharata to fulfill the exile himself

15. What age of the world are Viswamitra and Dasaratha living in?
(a) The first
(b) The third
(c) The second
(d) The fifth

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Garuda bring back from heaven to ransom his mother?

2. Who was the first to rid the earth of Rakshasas?

3. Why does Rama kill Vali?

4. How do humans win favors from gods in the Ramayana?

5. What brings Valmiki out of the anthill?

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