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William Buck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Complete the following statement: Rama and Lakshmana learned two mantras, one for strength, and one for ________.
(a) Cunning
(b) Insight
(c) The ability to fly
(d) More strength

2. How does Maricha help Ravana abduct Sita?
(a) He casts a spell on Rama and Lakshmana
(b) He distracts Rama and Lakshmana
(c) He fights Rama and Lakshmana
(d) He creates a thick fog for Ravana

3. What does Bharata answer when Bharadwaja says that he knows that the king is dead?
(a) That Rama is the king
(b) That the king's death has to be avenged
(c) That the king was murdered
(d) That he is king now

4. What is Rama’s answer when Sita urges him to discard his war arrows?
(a) That they can always seek protection with others
(b) That his mantras are sufficient
(c) That war is within us
(d) That she is right, he doesn't need them

5. What does Agni do for Indra after Indra seduces Gautama’s wife?
(a) Instruct him in making offerings
(b) Restore his male parts
(c) Restore his vision
(d) Gives him magical powers

6. What was Ayodhya like when Bharata returned to it?
(a) Full of strife
(b) Wailing
(c) Silent
(d) Tumultuous

7. What compromise do Rama and Bharata reach?
(a) To let Rama rule from exile
(b) To convince Dasaratha to come back himself
(c) To put Rama's sandals on the throne
(d) To arrange for Kaikeyi to relent

8. What does Garuda bring back from heaven to ransom his mother?
(a) Nectar
(b) Mead
(c) Ambrosia
(d) Amrita

9. What do the old men of Ayodhya ask Rama?
(a) To kill Dasaratha
(b) To start a new city with them
(c) To stay in Ayodhya
(d) To have Kaikeyi killed

10. What delays Rama’s search for Sita?
(a) Festivals
(b) Visits from various kings
(c) The hunt
(d) The rainy season

11. What brings Valmiki out of the anthill?
(a) A messenger
(b) Sita
(c) Dasaratha
(d) Rama

12. What does Savari tell Rama to seek, in the midst of misfortune?
(a) Escape
(b) Virtue
(c) Merit
(d) Friendship

13. What is Vaishravana the god of?
(a) All the cosmos
(b) The rain
(c) The earth
(d) Wealth

14. What is this age characterized by?
(a) Dharma
(b) Brutality
(c) Contrivance
(d) Luxury

15. In whose name does Maricha appeal to Ravana, to leave Sita alone?
(a) His own
(b) His own
(c) His wives'
(d) His people

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bharadwaja tell Bharata to find Rama?

2. What reason does Sumantra give Dasaratha for his opinion?

3. What does Sumantra find after he leaves Rama and Sita in the woods?

4. Who came to take Dasaratha away, after he told the story of why Rama had had to be taken?

5. Where did Kaikeyi’s wishes come from?

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