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William Buck
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Savari tell Rama to seek, in the midst of misfortune?
(a) Virtue
(b) Escape
(c) Friendship
(d) Merit

2. What does Ravana risk with his desire to steal Sita?
(a) Loss of his powers
(b) Death
(c) Humiliation
(d) War with the gods

3. Who plants the troubling idea in Kaikeyi’s mind?
(a) Manthara
(b) Bharata
(c) Rama
(d) Dasaratha

4. What was Agastya’s accomplishment?
(a) He lowered the Vindhya Hills
(b) He started the Ganga River
(c) He raised the Himalya Hills
(d) He gathered the Ganga River

5. What do the old men of Ayodhya ask Rama?
(a) To have Kaikeyi killed
(b) To kill Dasaratha
(c) To start a new city with them
(d) To stay in Ayodhya

6. How does Maricha get Ravana interested in killing Rama?
(a) He describes Sita's beauty
(b) He describes the power he would wield with the gods who would protect Rama
(c) He describes the beauty of Rama's kingdom
(d) He describes the renown he would earn

7. How was Guha’s life returned to him after he died of fever?
(a) Shiva resuscitated him
(b) Indra paid for his life
(c) Sita restored him with a touch
(d) Rama cured him

8. Why does Rama go after the deer in spite of Lakshmana’s warning that it is an illusion?
(a) He wants it for himself
(b) Sita wants it
(c) His pride is challenged
(d) He goes in spite of himself

9. Why does Dasaratha believe it is fair that Rama should be sent away from him?
(a) Because he once killed a young man unintentionally
(b) Because he had taken too much pride in him
(c) Because Rama has important things to learn in exile
(d) Because he owed a debt to the gods of the woods

10. How do humans win favors from gods in the Ramayana?
(a) By besieging their castles
(b) By purchasing favors
(c) By acquiring merit
(d) By praying

11. Why doesn’t the river Godavari tell Rama where Sita is?
(a) It cannot speak in Rama's language
(b) It did not see Ravana take Sita
(c) It is loyal to Ravana
(d) It is afraid of Ravana

12. What is Bharata’s response when he is told that he will be king now?
(a) He is uncertain
(b) He is silent
(c) He is elated
(d) He is miserable

13. How does Sugriva say he learned the layout of the earth?
(a) By being chased by Vali
(b) By his search for his own wife
(c) By his long hunting trips
(d) By his many explorations

14. For how long had Rama and Sita been married when Dasaratha says that he wants Rama to rule?
(a) 14 years
(b) 10 years
(c) 8 years
(d) 12 years

15. What do Rama and Lakshmana learn from this teacher?
(a) The use of minerals
(b) The use of books
(c) The use of weapons
(d) The use of magic

Short Answer Questions

1. Who fashioned the five elements of the world?

2. What does the crow surrender, when he apologizes to Rama?

3. Who offers Sita food?

4. How does Surpanakha cause trouble for Rama and Sita?

5. What is Rama’s answer when Sita urges him to discard his war arrows?

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