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William Buck
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Ravana the son of?
(a) Pulastya
(b) Trinavindu
(c) Vishrava
(d) Mali

2. What does Lakshmana propose to do on hearing that Rama is to be banished?
(a) Kill Kaikeyi
(b) Prepare Rama's things for exile
(c) Find a suitable place for Rama's exile
(d) Kill Dasaratha

3. Where does Bharadwaja tell Bharata to find Rama?
(a) Kishkindhya
(b) Rishyamuka Hill
(c) Naimasha Forest
(d) Chitrakuta Hill

4. Whose daughter does Ravana marry?
(a) The god of the ocean
(b) The god of illusion
(c) The god of the sun
(d) The god of the earth

5. What compromise do Rama and Bharata reach?
(a) To arrange for Kaikeyi to relent
(b) To let Rama rule from exile
(c) To convince Dasaratha to come back himself
(d) To put Rama's sandals on the throne

Short Answer Questions

1. What age of the world are Viswamitra and Dasaratha living in?

2. What saved Guha’s life?

3. How was Guha’s life returned to him after he died of fever?

4. Why does Bharadwaja bless Kaikeyi?

5. What does the crow surrender, when he apologizes to Rama?

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