Objects & Places from Ramayana

William Buck
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This is the city in which Dasaratha and his three wives and four sons live.


This is the island off the southern tip of India, where Ravana and the demons have made their home.


This is a chariot as large as a city that is built by the Architect of the Heavens, and stolen from the Treasure King.


This is a magic spell that conjures weapons for attack or defense in battle.


This is the notion that there are rules of behavior, and that meritorious behavior earns a person a semi-tangible spiritual value.


This is a god of the underworld, represented by serpent.


This is one of the dancing girls of the heavens.

Nala’s bridge

This is how Rama and his army of monkeys and bears reached Lanka in order to besiege it and rescue Sita.

Malaya Hills

This is...

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