Ramayana Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Buck
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Chapter 1

• Valmiki teaches the story of Rama to Rama’s sons, Kusa and Lava.

• Rama is born to King Dasaratha when the demons were oppressing the people in India.

Chapter 2

• Viswamitra has not been able to complete a sacrifice because of Ravana’s demons and he asks Dasaratha for relief.

• Ravana has been given immunity to every creature but man, and he uses his great power for evil.

Chapter 3

• Rama, and his brother Lakshmana, are trained in the use of heavenly weapons by Viswamitra.

• Rama goes to Janaka’s palace to be tested by the bow there. He breaks it as he tries to bend it, and Rama is given Sita’s hand in marriage.

Chapter 4

• After twelve years of marriage between Rama and Sita, king Dasaratha says that he wants to see his son on the throne, and makes ready for Rama’s coronation.

• Queen Kaikeyi says...

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