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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decision does Walter Lee come to about taking Karl Lindner's offer?
(a) He decides not to take it
(b) He decides to offer a compromise
(c) He decides to ask for more
(d) He decides to take the money

2. What advice does Asagai give to Beneatha?
(a) Never be afraid to sit awhile and think
(b) Don't put all your eggs in one basket
(c) Never let people see you crying
(d) Don't be afraid to try something new

3. What does Walter mean by "the Man?"
(a) Poor African-Americans
(b) All members of mankind
(c) Rich African-Americans
(d) People with money and power

4. Mrs. Johnson asks Mama if Beneatha:
(a) Is getting engaged
(b) Is still acting uppity
(c) Is still dating George
(d) Is still going to college

5. What does Mr. Lindner bring the Youngers?
(a) An offer to buy their house
(b) A welcome brochure
(c) An invitation to a club
(d) A no-pet petition

Short Answer Questions

1. George thinks a person should read books in order to:

2. What time are the moving men due?

3. According to Joseph Asagai, what is exceptional in his village?

4. What is Walter Lee looking for when he searches the apartment?

5. Mrs. Johnson thinks Walter is:

Short Essay Questions

1. Mama explains to Mrs. Johnson that Walter Lee is busy resting. What conclusion does Mrs. Johnson jump to on hearing that?

2. How does Walter Lee find out that Mama's money is gone?

3. Ruth thinks that the sign Beneatha is making for a box of china can be seen from an airplane. What is Ruth implying about Beneatha?

4. A new character, Mr. Karl Lindner, appears at the door. How is he greeted by the adult Youngers?

5. After giving $3500 to the reatlors, Mama makes a brave decision by giving Walter Lee the rest of the insurance money. What is the significance of her action?

6. Why is Beneatha upset at Walter Lee in this scene?

7. Why does Walter Lee ask Karl Lindner to come back to the apartment?

8. Mama says she's tired after work. She has climbed steps to get into the apartment. Explain why she didn't use an elevator.

9. Describe Walter Lee's body language as he approaches Karl Lindner to accept the man's offer.

10. Ruth tells Beneatha she went out with Walter Lee the night before. Why is that special?

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