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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Beneatha thinks Mama looks like:
(a) Scarlet O'Hara
(b) Aunt Jemima
(c) Eleanor Roosevelt
(d) Judy Garland

2. Mr. Arnold threatens to:
(a) Walk to the bus
(b) Take the train
(c) Drive himself
(d) Fire Walter

3. Walter Lee is so happy that he:
(a) Dances with Ruth
(b) Jumps on the table
(c) Blows a horn
(d) Snaps his fingers

4. What was the name of boy in Beneatha's story?
(a) Bob
(b) Larry
(c) David
(d) Rufus

5. Beneatha says her people have to overcome:
(a) The Klu Klux Klan
(b) Racist neighborhoods
(c) Racist newspaper stories
(d) Neighborhood gossips

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the mood at the beginning of this act?

2. Why does Mama want to put $3000 put in the bank?

3. What opinion does the Welcoming Committee hold?

4. Where does Karl Lindner live?

5. Where does Mrs. Johnson pat Ruth?

Short Essay Questions

1. In this scene, Walter Lee's mood has changed for the better from his depression earlier. How does he express his happier feelings?

2. Before this scene we hadn't realized the scope of Walter Lee's dreams. What are they?

3. Why does Walter Lee finally decide not to take Karl Lindner's money?

4. What does Beneatha want to do at the end of the play?

5. At the end of the play, Mama tells Ruth that Walter Lee "finally come into his manhood today." What does it mean to come into your manhood?

6. Mama explains to Mrs. Johnson that Walter Lee is busy resting. What conclusion does Mrs. Johnson jump to on hearing that?

7. Travis says that he wants to be a bus driver. How do Walter Lee's dreams for Travis differ from his son's?

8. Why does Walter Lee ask Karl Lindner to come back to the apartment?

9. How does Mama show understanding when Beneatha says that George is a fool?

10. Mama serves sweet potato pie to Mrs. Johnson. What is sweet potato pie?

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