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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Walter mean by "the Man?"
(a) All members of mankind
(b) People with money and power
(c) Poor African-Americans
(d) Rich African-Americans

2. What does Mr. Lindner bring the Youngers?
(a) A no-pet petition
(b) An invitation to a club
(c) An offer to buy their house
(d) A welcome brochure

3. Travis wants to be:
(a) A bus driver
(b) A traffic cop
(c) A baseball player
(d) A fireman

4. Mr. Lindner thinks people should:
(a) Make telephone calls
(b) Talk things over
(c) Read the newspaper
(d) Write things down

5. Beneatha tells Mama that George is:
(a) A fool
(b) A dandy
(c) A friend
(d) A catch

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Johnson asks Mama if Beneatha:

2. What does Ruth give Mrs. Johnson?

3. Beneatha walks by dressed in:

4. Walter Lee has been missing from work for:

5. What opinion does the Welcoming Committee hold?

Short Essay Questions

1. Ruth wants to take a hot bath at the new house. Explain why that is a luxury for her.

2. Ruth tells Beneatha she went out with Walter Lee the night before. Why is that special?

3. How does Ruth react to Mama giving up on the move to the new house?

4. What does Beneatha want to do at the end of the play?

5. Mama says she's tired after work. She has climbed steps to get into the apartment. Explain why she didn't use an elevator.

6. Travis says that he wants to be a bus driver. How do Walter Lee's dreams for Travis differ from his son's?

7. Is Mrs. Johnson sincere when she says, "I'm soooo happy for y'all"? Explain.

8. A new character, Mr. Karl Lindner, appears at the door. How is he greeted by the adult Youngers?

9. In this scene, Walter Lee's mood has changed for the better from his depression earlier. How does he express his happier feelings?

10. Beneatha sarcastically asks George "Why read books---why go to school?" Give her answer.

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