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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mama tells Travis that she has:
(a) Bought vacation tickets
(b) Bought USA bonds
(c) Bought a business
(d) Bought a house

2. What does Walter Lee do when he sees the check?
(a) Asks Mama to tell how much of it he can use
(b) Starts telling Mama about his plan to buy a store
(c) Asks Mama to give him half of the money immediately
(d) Tries to persuade Mama to use the money for a car

3. Mama ignores:
(a) Travis
(b) Her neighbor
(c) Ruth
(d) Walter Lee

4. The new neighborhood is:
(a) All-white
(b) Mostly Negro
(c) Mixed race
(d) Mostly white

5. What method does Beneatha suggest for getting rid of the cockroaches?
(a) Getting a cat to chase them away
(b) Setting fire to the building
(c) Drowning them with the dishwater
(d) Using flyswatters to hit them

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes the first entrance?

2. What does Travis bring in for Mama?

3. What lie does Walter Lee tell George?

4. What term does Walter Lee use to refer to George's shoes?

5. What is the first thing Ruth does on stage?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conclusion do Ruth and Walter Lee come to about their marriage in this scene?

2. What is Beneatha afraid that Mama will do when Beneatha's visitor arrives?

3. What does Walter Lee do when he sees Beneatha in her Nigerian costume?

4. Why is Ruth so embarrassed by Walter Lee and Beneatha when George Murchison comes in?

5. Why do you think Ruth fainted at the end of the scene?

6. Ruth scolds Walter Lee for keeping Travis up the night before. How did Walter Lee do that?

7. Which members of the Younger family share each of the two bedrooms?

8. Why does Beneatha have to wait to use the bathroom when she wakes up?

9. Travis asks repeatedly where his mother, Ruth, is during this scene. Why doesn't Mama answer his question?

10. What is Ruth referring to when she talks to George about "them bombs and things they keep setting off?"

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