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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. She puts on a phonograph record of:
(a) American folksongs
(b) Nigerian folk music
(c) Madam Butterfly
(d) African drumming

2. Mama tells Travis that she has:
(a) Bought USA bonds
(b) Bought a business
(c) Bought a house
(d) Bought vacation tickets

3. Ruth offers Walter Lee:
(a) Soda
(b) Milk
(c) Beer
(d) Tea

4. Why does Walter come back after leaving the apartment?
(a) He forgot to kiss Ruth goodbye
(b) He needs carfare from Ruth
(c) It's raining and he needs an umbrella
(d) He wants to yell at Beneatha

5. What was the name of the baby Mama and Big Walter lost?
(a) Mary
(b) Joseph
(c) Claude
(d) Benjamin

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is acting as head of the Younger family?

2. Where does Beneatha expect to get her tuition from?

3. What is the first thing Ruth does on stage?

4. What does Walter Lee want to do?

5. What is Beneatha's relationship to Ruth?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Walter Lee find out that Mama's money is gone?

2. What does Walter Lee taunt George about as they wait for Beneatha?

3. Describe Walter Lee's future, as he sees it.

4. Why does Mama insist on Travis staying while Walter Lee talks to Karl Lindner?

5. How does the author let the reader know that Beneatha is inauthentic in the way she wears her Nigerian costume?

6. How does Ruth react to Mama giving up on the move to the new house?

7. Before this scene we hadn't realized the scope of Walter Lee's dreams. What are they?

8. Walter Lee asks Mr. Lindner to get out, but Mr. Lindner leaves something behind. What?

9. Travis says that he wants to be a bus driver. How do Walter Lee's dreams for Travis differ from his son's?

10. Why is Beneatha reluctant to let a visitor come over to the apartment on this morning?

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