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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mama advises Beneatha:
(a) Don't waste your time
(b) You're not getting younger
(c) Be picky with men
(d) Men are a dime a dozen

2. Where does Mrs. Johnson pat Ruth?
(a) On her hand
(b) On her stomach
(c) On her cheek
(d) On her hair

3. Why does Walter Lee thank Willie Harris?
(a) Because Willie helped him take stock of his life
(b) Because Willie is going to help him start a business
(c) Because Willie showed him how to cheat others
(d) Because Willie taught him to focus on what counts

4. How long has Beneatha wanted to be a doctor?
(a) Since she witnessed an accident as a child
(b) Since she got good grades in High School
(c) Since she had her tonsils taken out
(d) Since her father died in an accident

5. What was Mama's maiden name?
(a) Lena Younger
(b) Lena Eggleston
(c) Lena Anderson
(d) Lena Horne

6. Walter Lee went to the Green Hat to:
(a) To talk sports
(b) To smoke cigars
(c) Listen to music
(d) To play pool

7. What does Mama say when Karl Lindner appeals to her?
(a) That she is determined to move
(b) That her son has made the decision
(c) She asks him for more money
(d) She agrees to take his money

8. What does Walter Lee tell Mr. Lindner to do?
(a) Call his realtor
(b) Call a cab
(c) Get out
(d) Leave his card

9. Where did Ruth go with Walter Lee?
(a) A restaurant
(b) The movies
(c) The park
(d) A drive-in

10. What does Walter Lee sing about?
(a) Wings
(b) Birds
(c) Angels
(d) Kittens

11. While Beneatha listens to Mr. Lindner, she:
(a) Tosses fruit
(b) Chews gum
(c) Taps her feet
(d) Fidgets

12. What is Walter Lee looking for when he searches the apartment?
(a) Karl Lindner's card
(b) His paycheck
(c) A betting guide
(d) His father's pistol

13. What is Beneatha's nickname?
(a) Bernie
(b) Bennie
(c) Bunny
(d) Betsy

14. What does Mama compare Big Walter to?
(a) An old horse
(b) A faithful dog
(c) A machine
(d) A willing slave

15. Mama tells Walter Lee that she wants him to be:
(a) A good father to Travis
(b) A loving husband
(c) Like his Dad, Big Walter
(d) Head of the family

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ruth tell Travis to do when Karl Lindner arrives?

2. Walter Lee explains he drove out to look at:

3. Beneatha says she wants to:

4. Walter Lee is so happy that he:

5. Walter Lee can't understand why:

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