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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What offer does Agasai make to Beneatha?
(a) To take her to Nigeria
(b) To pay for her schooling
(c) To take her to the movies
(d) To take her to Canada

2. What is Walter Lee looking for when he searches the apartment?
(a) His father's pistol
(b) His paycheck
(c) A betting guide
(d) Karl Lindner's card

3. Where did Walter Lee put the money?
(a) In a mattress
(b) In a checking account
(c) In a deal with Willie
(d) Into the bank

4. Beneatha thanks Mama for:
(a) Doing the laundry
(b) Making the bed
(c) Understanding her
(d) Buying groceries

5. Mrs. Johnson asks Mama if Beneatha:
(a) Is getting engaged
(b) Is still dating George
(c) Is still acting uppity
(d) Is still going to college

6. What does Travis announce when he comes in?
(a) That Willie Harris is back
(b) That he needs another dollar
(c) That the movers have arrived
(d) That Karl Lindner is at the door

7. Walter Lee went to the Green Hat to:
(a) Listen to music
(b) To play pool
(c) To smoke cigars
(d) To talk sports

8. What is different about the apartment?
(a) Packing boxes fill the room
(b) The rugs are rolled up
(c) Suitcases are being filled
(d) Furniture is rearranged

9. Mama tells Walter Lee that she wants him to be:
(a) Like his Dad, Big Walter
(b) A good father to Travis
(c) A loving husband
(d) Head of the family

10. What opinion does the Welcoming Committee hold?
(a) The new neighbors are nice
(b) The Youngers need a garage
(c) Negroes should live elsewhere
(d) Neighbors should visit often

11. Mr. Arnold threatens to:
(a) Drive himself
(b) Walk to the bus
(c) Fire Walter
(d) Take the train

12. As the scene opens, what does Beneatha carry?
(a) A brief case
(b) A guitar case
(c) A violin case
(d) A case of soda

13. What was the name of boy in Beneatha's story?
(a) David
(b) Bob
(c) Rufus
(d) Larry

14. How much did Mama spend on the house?
(a) $4500
(b) $4000
(c) $3500
(d) $5000

15. What is the first thing Ruth will do in the new house?
(a) Open the windows
(b) Make hot tea
(c) Arrange flowers
(d) Take a hot bath

Short Answer Questions

1. While Beneatha listens to Mr. Lindner, she:

2. What does the Welcoming Committee offer to do?

3. Who does Walter Lee want Beneatha to marry?

4. What does Walter mean by "the Man?"

5. Mrs. Johnson's personality can be described as:

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