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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Walter Lee has been missing from work for:
(a) Three hours
(b) Three weeks
(c) Three days
(d) Three nights

2. What does Beneatha call Walter Lee?
(a) An illiterate bum
(b) A toothless rat
(c) A spineless worm
(d) A no account man

3. What, according to Mama, happened to Walter Lee in this scene?
(a) He came into his manhood
(b) He learned an important lesson
(c) He lost his head in a crisis
(d) He saved the family from disaster

4. Mama advises Beneatha:
(a) You're not getting younger
(b) Men are a dime a dozen
(c) Don't waste your time
(d) Be picky with men

5. What opinion does the Welcoming Committee hold?
(a) The new neighbors are nice
(b) Neighbors should visit often
(c) Negroes should live elsewhere
(d) The Youngers need a garage

6. Mama warns the movers to be careful with what object?
(a) A chair
(b) A table
(c) The radio
(d) A vase

7. When Mama gives Walter Lee the money, she shows:
(a) That she trusts banks
(b) That she trusts God
(c) That she trusts him
(d) That she trusts Travis

8. Who knocks on the door?
(a) Bobo
(b) George
(c) Willie
(d) Mr. Arnold

9. Mama tells Walter Lee that she wants him to be:
(a) Like his Dad, Big Walter
(b) Head of the family
(c) A loving husband
(d) A good father to Travis

10. Mrs. Johnson comes in. Who is she?
(a) Mama's cousin
(b) A distant relative
(c) A nosy neighbor
(d) Ruth's best friend

11. What is the bad news?
(a) Willie didn't meet Bobo
(b) Willie was late meeting Bobo
(c) Bobo and Willie argued
(d) Willie had an accident

12. What does Travis give to Mama?
(a) A big hat
(b) A plastic pony
(c) A flowerpot
(d) A pie pan

13. Where did Walter Lee put the money?
(a) In a mattress
(b) Into the bank
(c) In a deal with Willie
(d) In a checking account

14. What does Mama say when Karl Lindner appeals to her?
(a) That her son has made the decision
(b) She agrees to take his money
(c) That she is determined to move
(d) She asks him for more money

15. What has Ruth bought for the new house?
(a) Flower pots
(b) Welcome mat
(c) Pillows
(d) Curtains

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Walter mean by "the Man?"

2. What was the name of boy in Beneatha's story?

3. Ruth thinks Mr. Lindner looks:

4. Beneatha thinks Mama looks like:

5. What is the first thing Ruth will do in the new house?

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