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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Beneatha scornfully call Joseph?
(a) A dreamer
(b) A martyr
(c) A hypocrite
(d) A madman

2. Beneatha thanks Mama for:
(a) Buying groceries
(b) Making the bed
(c) Doing the laundry
(d) Understanding her

3. What is different about the apartment?
(a) Furniture is rearranged
(b) The rugs are rolled up
(c) Suitcases are being filled
(d) Packing boxes fill the room

4. What is Beneatha's nickname?
(a) Bernie
(b) Betsy
(c) Bennie
(d) Bunny

5. Walter Lee dreams of driving what kind of car?
(a) A silver sports car
(b) A two-tone sedan
(c) A white Cadillac
(d) A black Chrysler

6. Who knocks on the door?
(a) Willie
(b) Mr. Arnold
(c) George
(d) Bobo

7. What is Walter Lee looking for when he searches the apartment?
(a) His father's pistol
(b) A betting guide
(c) His paycheck
(d) Karl Lindner's card

8. Which character enters in a happy, excited mood?
(a) Joseph Asagai
(b) Karl Lindner
(c) Willie Harris
(d) Travis Younger

9. What was Mama's maiden name?
(a) Lena Anderson
(b) Lena Eggleston
(c) Lena Younger
(d) Lena Horne

10. Mr. Lindner thinks people should:
(a) Make telephone calls
(b) Read the newspaper
(c) Write things down
(d) Talk things over

11. Why does Walter Lee thank Willie Harris?
(a) Because Willie is going to help him start a business
(b) Because Willie taught him to focus on what counts
(c) Because Willie helped him take stock of his life
(d) Because Willie showed him how to cheat others

12. What time are the moving men due?
(a) Four o'clock
(b) Ten past noon
(c) One o'clock
(d) Five o'clock

13. Where did Ruth go with Walter Lee?
(a) A restaurant
(b) The movies
(c) A drive-in
(d) The park

14. What, according to Mama, happened to Walter Lee in this scene?
(a) He learned an important lesson
(b) He lost his head in a crisis
(c) He came into his manhood
(d) He saved the family from disaster

15. What does Walter Lee tell Mr. Lindner to do?
(a) Get out
(b) Call his realtor
(c) Leave his card
(d) Call a cab

Short Answer Questions

1. How much did Mama spend on the house?

2. While Beneatha listens to Mr. Lindner, she:

3. Where did Walter Lee put the money?

4. Mama begs for strength from:

5. George thinks a person should read books in order to:

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