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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What offer does Agasai make to Beneatha?
(a) To take her to Nigeria
(b) To pay for her schooling
(c) To take her to the movies
(d) To take her to Canada

2. What word is it that affects Walter Lee so strongly that he begins to pace and mutter?
(a) Integration
(b) Man
(c) Money
(d) Compromise

3. Where does Karl Lindner live?
(a) Clybourne Park
(b) Chicago Housing
(c) South Parkway
(d) Lake Shore Drive

4. Beneatha says she wants to:
(a) Continue their talk
(b) Meet his family
(c) Pour him a drink
(d) Make weekend plans

5. Walter Lee explains he drove out to look at:
(a) His home town
(b) The waterfront
(c) The racetrack
(d) Steel mills

6. What, according to Mama, happened to Walter Lee in this scene?
(a) He lost his head in a crisis
(b) He saved the family from disaster
(c) He came into his manhood
(d) He learned an important lesson

7. What is the last thing Mama takes from the apartment?
(a) Her purse
(b) Her keys
(c) Her plant
(d) Her coat

8. Mrs. Johnson reads a newspaper headline about:
(a) A neighborhood gang shooting
(b) A bombing at Clybourne Park
(c) A riot in downtown Chicago
(d) An accident on the highway

9. Why does Walter Lee thank Willie Harris?
(a) Because Willie taught him to focus on what counts
(b) Because Willie showed him how to cheat others
(c) Because Willie helped him take stock of his life
(d) Because Willie is going to help him start a business

10. What does Mama ask Beneatha and Ruth to do?
(a) Spray the rooms one more time for cockroaches
(b) Tell the landlord that they'll be staying on
(c) Use the newspapers to pack up the china
(d) Call the moving company to cancel their service

11. How much will the monthly payments be for the new house?
(a) $200
(b) $125
(c) $250
(d) $175

12. What does Beneatha scornfully call Joseph?
(a) A madman
(b) A dreamer
(c) A hypocrite
(d) A martyr

13. Mr. Arnold had to take a taxi because:
(a) His chauffeur didn't show up
(b) He had an appointment
(c) It's cheaper than a limo
(d) His wife wanted to go out

14. Beneatha says her people have to overcome:
(a) Racist neighborhoods
(b) Racist newspaper stories
(c) Neighborhood gossips
(d) The Klu Klux Klan

15. Mama comes home from work and complains about:
(a) The steps
(b) The weather
(c) Her boss
(d) Ruth's dress

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Walter Lee sing about?

2. How much did Mama spend on the house?

3. What does Mama say when Karl Lindner appeals to her?

4. As the scene opens, what does Beneatha carry?

5. Where did Ruth go with Walter Lee?

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