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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ruth is doing a domestic chore. What is it?
(a) Ironing
(b) Sweeping
(c) Dusting
(d) Scrubbing

2. What does Walter Lee do when he sees the check?
(a) Asks Mama to tell how much of it he can use
(b) Tries to persuade Mama to use the money for a car
(c) Asks Mama to give him half of the money immediately
(d) Starts telling Mama about his plan to buy a store

3. What method does Beneatha suggest for getting rid of the cockroaches?
(a) Drowning them with the dishwater
(b) Using flyswatters to hit them
(c) Setting fire to the building
(d) Getting a cat to chase them away

4. What does Travis bring in for Mama?
(a) Kitchen cleanser
(b) A warm winter coat
(c) The insurance check
(d) A new gardening hat

5. What does Travis go to do?
(a) Play stickball with his friends
(b) Carry groceries at the local store
(c) Go to the movies with his friends
(d) Study at the local library

6. What does Mama tell Walter Lee about Ruth?
(a) That she's pregnant
(b) She works too hard
(c) That she's dying
(d) She needs his love

7. What does Walter Lee want to do?
(a) Drink and have fun with his friends
(b) Open a liquor store with his friends
(c) Go to college and become a doctor
(d) Buy a limosine and run a car service

8. What is Beneatha's main worry about Ruth's news?
(a) She wonders where the baby will live
(b) She wonders how to pay the medical bills
(c) She wonders what will happen when Ruth is gone
(d) She wonders whether Ruth can get a new job

9. Who comes to visit Beneatha in this scene?
(a) George Murchison
(b) Willie Harris
(c) Joseph Asagai
(d) Karl Lindner

10. Walter Lee and George argue about:
(a) Their values and lifestyles
(b) Their choice of entertainment
(c) Their family vacations
(d) Beneatha's short haircut

11. What does Travis ask Mama?
(a) What smells so nasty
(b) Permission to go outside
(c) Where his clean socks are
(d) If he can spray the roaches

12. George doesn't care for:
(a) Beer
(b) Whiskey
(c) Coffee
(d) Soda Pop

13. Under the influence of alcohol, Walter Lee dramatically ridicules what?
(a) His mother's cooking
(b) His African heritage
(c) His job as a chauffeur
(d) His wife's figure

14. How did Big Walter die, according to Mama?
(a) He was hit by a bus
(b) He committed suicide
(c) He died in a factory accident
(d) He worked himself to death

15. Mama tells Travis that she has:
(a) Bought a business
(b) Bought vacation tickets
(c) Bought a house
(d) Bought USA bonds

Short Answer Questions

1. The house has how many bedrooms?

2. What does Ruth call Beneatha's hair style?

3. What is the first thing Ruth does on stage?

4. Who is acting as head of the Younger family?

5. What lie does Walter Lee tell George?

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