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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who makes the first entrance?
(a) Mama
(b) Ruth
(c) Beneatha
(d) Travis

2. Why does Walter come back after leaving the apartment?
(a) He wants to yell at Beneatha
(b) It's raining and he needs an umbrella
(c) He needs carfare from Ruth
(d) He forgot to kiss Ruth goodbye

3. What lie does Walter Lee tell George?
(a) That he's getting a new job
(b) That he has a degree in public speaking
(c) That he's been to New York City
(d) That he bought a new cadillac

4. What does Travis go to do?
(a) Study at the local library
(b) Play stickball with his friends
(c) Go to the movies with his friends
(d) Carry groceries at the local store

5. What is Beneatha's current ambition in life?
(a) To leave Chicago
(b) To go on the stage
(c) To marry a rich man
(d) To become a doctor

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Travis bring in for Mama?

2. What term does he use to describe Beneatha's hair?

3. What does Walter Lee say when Ruth says she's considering an abortion?

4. What is revealed when Beneatha takes off her headdress?

5. What does Alaiyo mean?

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