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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does he mean by that term?
(a) That she has cut it in too many layers
(b) That she straightens it to look Caucasian
(c) That she dyes it with blonde streaks
(d) That she combs into a million braids

2. What are Mama and Beneatha doing in the beginning of this scene?
(a) Baking bread
(b) Cleaning the house
(c) Washing dishes
(d) Paying bills

3. What was the former function of Ruth and Walter Lee's bedroom?
(a) It was the dining room
(b) It was a storage area
(c) It was a large closet
(d) It was a breakfast alcove

4. What does Alaiyo mean?
(a) One Who Fights Like a Warrior
(b) One for Whom the Goddess Calls
(c) One Who Dances Like the Peacock
(d) One for Whom Bread Is Not Enough

5. What does Ruth call Beneatha's hair style?
(a) Natural
(b) Boyish
(c) Nappy
(d) Stylish

Short Answer Questions

1. What method does Beneatha suggest for getting rid of the cockroaches?

2. Walter Lee and Ruth speak privately about what serious issue?

3. What does Ruth think of Willie?

4. According to Walter Lee, money is:

5. What is revealed when Beneatha takes off her headdress?

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