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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Beneatha's visitor treat Mama?
(a) He ignores her
(b) With great respect
(c) He is speechless
(d) He tells her jokes

2. What does Alaiyo mean?
(a) One Who Dances Like the Peacock
(b) One for Whom the Goddess Calls
(c) One for Whom Bread Is Not Enough
(d) One Who Fights Like a Warrior

3. What is the time period of the play?
(a) Early 1960s through early1970s
(b) Late 1930s through the late 1940s
(c) Late 1960s through late 1970s
(d) Late 1940s through late 1950s

4. What does Mama keep on the windowsill?
(a) A small houseplant
(b) An old wind-up clock
(c) A good-luck statue
(d) A picture of her husband

5. What does Travis ask Mama?
(a) Permission to go outside
(b) What smells so nasty
(c) If he can spray the roaches
(d) Where his clean socks are

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Walter come back after leaving the apartment?

2. What does Mama send Travis out to borrow?

3. What is Beneatha's current ambition in life?

4. What was the former function of Ruth and Walter Lee's bedroom?

5. Where does Mama tell Beneatha that Ruth has gone?

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