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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Walter Lee dreams of driving what kind of car?
(a) A white Cadillac
(b) A silver sports car
(c) A two-tone sedan
(d) A black Chrysler

2. Where does Mrs. Johnson pat Ruth?
(a) On her hand
(b) On her cheek
(c) On her hair
(d) On her stomach

3. How old is Travis?
(a) 10 years old
(b) 11 years old
(c) 7 years old
(d) 12 years old

4. Where will George take Beneatha on their date?Where will George take Beneatha on their date?
(a) To a folk festival
(b) To Lake Shore Drive
(c) To the theater
(d) To a cocktail party

5. What does Beneatha see Travis doing?
(a) Chasing a rat in the street
(b) Getting beat up by bullies
(c) Playing with a b.b. gun
(d) Stealing from the grocer

Short Answer Questions

1. What is different about the apartment?

2. Who comes to visit Beneatha in this scene?

3. What does Ruth think of Willie?

4. Beneatha walks by dressed in:

5. The new neighborhood is:

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