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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. George doesn't care for:
(a) Coffee
(b) Whiskey
(c) Soda Pop
(d) Beer

2. Who is acting as head of the Younger family?
(a) Walter Lee
(b) Travis
(c) Ruth
(d) Mama

3. She puts on a phonograph record of:
(a) American folksongs
(b) Madam Butterfly
(c) African drumming
(d) Nigerian folk music

4. What does Walter Lee do when he sees the check?
(a) Asks Mama to give him half of the money immediately
(b) Starts telling Mama about his plan to buy a store
(c) Asks Mama to tell how much of it he can use
(d) Tries to persuade Mama to use the money for a car

5. Where did Walter Lee put the money?
(a) In a deal with Willie
(b) In a checking account
(c) In a mattress
(d) Into the bank

Short Answer Questions

1. George defines assimilationist Negroes as:

2. What is Beneatha's task?

3. Ruth thinks Mr. Lindner looks:

4. Where does Mama tell Beneatha that Ruth has gone?

5. What does Mama warn Walter Lee about?

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