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Chapter Abstracts

• The Younger family is introduced.

• Walter Lee and Ruth fight about money.

• Beneatha states her intention of going to medical school.

• Lena tells Ruth that she's put a down payment on a house.

• Ruth reveals that she is pregnant and considering an abortion.

• Joseph Asagai brings gifts to Beneatha.

• The insurance check arrives.

• Mama and Walter Lee argue about the future.

• Walter Lee reacts without enthusiasm to Ruth's pregnancy.

• Beneatha shows off her Nigerian costume to Walter Lee and George's ridicule.

• George and Beneatha leave for the theater.

• Walter Lee and Ruth have a serious talk about their marriage.

• Mama reveals she has bought a house.

• George attempts to be romantic with Beneatha.

• Mrs. Johnson visits to gossip.

• Walter explains that he has been depressed and went out driving.

• Mama gives him sixty-five hundred dollars.

• Walter Lee dances with Ruth while Beneatha looks on.

• Mr. Karl Lindner brings an offer...

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