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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Christian life affect the Brangwens?

2. What does Ursula try to figure out as she lies with a fever in bed?

3. What is Ursula's emotional state on the last day of school before she goes on to college?

4. What action does Ursula take to escape from the horses surrounding her when she goes for a walk in the rain?

5. Why does Maggie feel betrayed when Ursula spends time with Anthony?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Ursula keeps up with her studies, despite the dreary work.

2. What is the response Anton gives to Ursula when she tells him she does not want to get married?

3. What does Ursula decide Winifred should do after they are no longer lovers?

4. Explain how Ursula feels about her fellow teachers on her last day at the St. Philip's School.

5. As Ursula continues to teach, how does her attitude toward education change?

6. Summarize the effect Ursula has on Anton as they make love in the cornstacks.

7. Summarize Ursula's attitude and duties as the eldest child of Anna and William Brangwen.

8. Explain the circumstances of Tom Brangwen's death.

9. Describe the relationship between Ursula and Anton Skrebensky when he visits Marsh farm.

10. What is Ursula's reason for refusing the marriage proposal from Anthony?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Compare and contrast the role of women in the novel with the role of women in today's American society.

2) Cite specific examples from the novel, detailing women's jobs and responsibilities.

3) Which of the women in the novel would find today's role of women appealing and in what way?

Essay Topic 2

1) What are Anton Skrebensky's views on the responsibilities of the individual in society?

2) Are his views dated or do they still hold true today?

3) Give examples from the novel and from today's world to justify your conclusion.

Essay Topic 3

1) Analyze Ursula's coming of age throughout the novel.

2) What fears and emotions does she experience as he grows from childhood to adulthood?

3) How does her outlook on life, education, and love change as she develops from a young girl into a woman?

4) Cite examples of the character changes in Ursula throughout her life.

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