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Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps Ursula from giving up her studies for the matriculation examination even though they are such a drudgery?

2. What does Ursula feel after her first kiss with Skrebensky?

3. What does Ursula do in Cossethay when she realizes she will be moving soon?

4. What does Ursula wish as she swims with her swimming class mistress?

5. What is the final question the author asks about the death of Christ?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Mr. Harby, the schoolmaster, like Ursula Brangwen?

2. After a few weeks living at home, how does Ursula view her mother's life?

3. What is the response Anton gives to Ursula when she tells him she does not want to get married?

4. Compare the temperaments of Gudrun and Theresa Brangwen.

5. Explain how Ursula feels about her fellow teachers on her last day at the St. Philip's School.

6. Explain the realization that Ursula comes to as she passes from childhood into womanhood.

7. How does Ursula's original joy about college change as she prepares for her final examination?

8. What does Anton Skrebensky believe is the responsibility of every person?

9. Summarize Ursula's emotional state when she moves back home after passing her matriculation examination.

10. Describe the relationship between Ursula and Anton Skrebensky when he visits Marsh farm.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In two scenes of the novel, Ursula and Anton are making love in the moonlight.

1) How does Lawrence use images of moonlight and shadow to convey the tone of their love making?

2) How does the imagery of moonlight in the first scene in the cornstacks compare with the moonlight in the sandhills later in the novel.

3) Justify the answers with examples from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

1) During the novel, the reader is introduced to the views of women as depicted by Tom Brangwen, William Brangwen and Anton Bresnesky.

2) Compare the views which are revealed by these three men toward women.

3) Cite examples from the story. How do their attitudes toward women affect the way women react to them?

Essay Topic 3

1) Compare the characters of Anna and William Brangwen.

2) Which character gives more to their relationship? Explain.

3) How do their views differ on life, marriage and children?

4) Which character is more realistic in his view of life? Explain.

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