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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ursula resigns herself to teaching until she can do what?
(a) Take over the farm
(b) Get married
(c) Find other employment
(d) Go to college

2. What type of child is Gudrun?
(a) She is quiet, mild-mannered, but indomitable.
(b) She is active, and athletic.
(c) She is volatile and quick tempered.
(d) She is slow and meek.

3. How does Tom think his brother Alfred feels about him?
(a) Loves him
(b) Favors him over Frank
(c) Despises him a little
(d) Sees him as a child

4. What does Lydia Brangwen wish for as she sees the turmoil in her son's lives?
(a) She wishes they would move away.
(b) She wishes she could be more involved in her son's lives.
(c) She wishes for the peace and innocence of age.
(d) She wishes they would come to her with their troubles.

5. What is William's reaction when he steps through the doors of the cathedral?
(a) He doesn't feel any emotion.
(b) He is impressed with the murals.
(c) He is disappointed by the architecture.
(d) His soul soars up into the church.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Will discover about himself as he kisses Anna in the moonlight?

2. How does William adapt to life as a husband and father of three children?

3. What is the description of the relationship between Anna and William in this chapter?

4. Why is Tom glad that his wife Lydia is there for him on Anna's wedding day?

5. How does William become reborn, learning to be himself and alone?

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