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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the person Anna meets that she considers a real person of consequence?
(a) Tom
(b) Baron Skrebensky
(c) Tilly
(d) Frank

2. How does Christian life affect the Brangwens?
(a) It is the joy of reaching heaven.
(b) It becomes a mechanical action without real meaning.
(c) It is a constant source of hope.
(d) It is inspirational and fulfilling.

3. What is it about Christmas day that disappoints the Brangwens?
(a) The hope of peace and ecstasy fades away.
(b) The Christmas feast is not as big as usual.
(c) Their father is not home.
(d) They did not receive the gifts they hoped for.

4. What does Will discover about himself as he kisses Anna in the moonlight?
(a) He does not want Anna.
(b) He wants her desperately.
(c) He doesn't care for Anna.
(d) He loves Anna.

5. What is the question William asks himself when he and Anna are constantly tormenting one another?
(a) What gift can he get for Anna?
(b) Why can't he leave her?
(c) Will the baby bring them together?
(d) How can he be nicer to Anna?

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom find hard to bear when he thinks about Mrs. Lensky?

2. What does Tom say a man's soul and a woman's soul united in marriage becomes?

3. What subjects do Ursula and Maggie discuss when they are together?

4. What conclusion does Ursula come to about men and love?

5. What does Tom see in the loft of the barn that distresses him, making him feel like an old man?

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