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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lydia's advice for Ursula as they discuss Lydia's life with her husbands?
(a) Life goes on and don't take too much upon yourself.
(b) Be responsible for everyone around you.
(c) Take all the blame for things that go wrong.
(d) Depend upon the people around you.

2. What is the reason Tom Brangwen's wife believes the vicar's children are seen as superior to her own?
(a) Wealth and power
(b) Class and virtue
(c) Heritage and money
(d) Education and experience

3. When do Effie and Tom begin fiercely quarreling with each other?
(a) When Effie becomes engaged
(b) When Tom gets back from school
(c) After the death of their mother
(d) After their father breaks his neck

4. What is young Tom Brangwen feeling behind his healthy, good looks, and well dressed appearance?
(a) Cleverness
(b) A deep misery
(c) A violent nature
(d) Superiority

5. What does Will ask Mr. and Mrs. Brangwen after he and Anna kiss in the cornfield?
(a) He asks for her hand in marriage.
(b) He asks if he can work on the farm.
(c) He asks if he can court Anna.
(d) He asks that they tell Anna he is leaving.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Anna react to her parent's relationship?

2. Why is Millicent Skrebensky annoyed with William?

3. How does Anna react as she sits at the bar while Tom goes to sell his cow at the cattle market?

4. What is Ursula's reaction after boys from her class throw stones at her in the street?

5. When does Tom find the end of youth's passionate desire, losing his individuality?

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