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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Tom find the end of youth's passionate desire, losing his individuality?
(a) After three days of silence and solitude
(b) After three days of praying
(c) After three days of constant brandy drinking
(d) After three days of working in the fields

2. How does Lydia act toward Tom when she becomes pregnant?
(a) She is constantly talking about the new baby.
(b) She wants to be with Tom constantly.
(c) She is full of life and laughter.
(d) She becomes silent and distant.

3. How does Will view Anna as they wait to be married?
(a) She is a flame that consumes him.
(b) He is having second thoughts about her.
(c) She will make a wonderful home maker.
(d) She is becoming boring.

4. How does Anna get along with other children?
(a) She sees them as equals and has many friends.
(b) She dominates them, feeling they are inferior.
(c) She gets along with everyone.
(d) She loves being around other children.

5. What do Paul, a young doctor, and Lydia Lensky, a nurse, represent in Poland?
(a) A traditional Polish couple
(b) The obedience of Polish citizens
(c) The new movement begun in Russia
(d) The joys of marriage

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anna say to Tom that cuts him to the heart?

2. What does Brangwen find to replace the desires he has for his wife?

3. How does Anna view her relationship with her cousin Will?

4. How does Anna react to her parent's relationship?

5. What do Lydia and Tom discover about each other after two years of marriage?

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