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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom crave more than ever from his wife?
(a) Obedience
(b) Love and passion
(c) Her stories about Poland
(d) Quiet conversations

2. Who does Tom believe he is destined to marry?
(a) Tilly's sister
(b) Anna
(c) The Polish widow, Mrs. Lensky
(d) The vicar's daughter

3. How does Tom feel about himself after meeting Alfred's lover, the lady, Mrs. Forbes?
(a) He is content with his way of life.
(b) He is thankful that he doesn't need to live up to a lady's expectations.
(c) He regrets taking over the farm and not making more of his life.
(d) He is glad he has the quiet life of a farmer.

4. How does Tom finally meet Mrs. Lensky, carrying on a conversation with her?
(a) She meets him on the road near his house.
(b) She comes to his farm asking for butter.
(c) She meets him at the market.
(d) She meets him at church.

5. What is the reason Tom Brangwen's wife believes the vicar's children are seen as superior to her own?
(a) Heritage and money
(b) Education and experience
(c) Class and virtue
(d) Wealth and power

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Tom's reaction to Lydia after they are married and the guests leave?

2. How does Lydia emerge from her indifference, becoming a new person?

3. What does Will discover about himself as he kisses Anna in the moonlight?

4. Why does the care of the farm fall upon Tom's shoulders when he is eighteen?

5. What is Tom's attitude toward his own life while his wife is miserable?

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