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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Skrebensky's view on the role of an individual?
(a) Each man lives for himself
(b) Each man lives for the good of humanity, not himself.
(c) Each man lives for personal wealth
(d) Each man lives for his own family

2. What do Lydia and Tom discover about each other after two years of marriage?
(a) They find they will never know one another.
(b) They discover they do not love one another.
(c) They realize they do not belong together.
(d) They find fulfillment in each other.

3. How does Anna feel about people she meets outside the Marsh farm?
(a) She loves other people.
(b) She enjoys conversing with other people.
(c) She thinks they belittle her and despises them.
(d) She is very friendly when meeting other people.

4. What does Tom say a man's soul and a woman's soul united in marriage becomes?
(a) A happy couple
(b) Everlasting partners
(c) An angel
(d) Soul mates

5. How does Ursula get through the long weeks while Anton is away?
(a) Praying for his safe return
(b) Spending time with friends
(c) Going to church every day
(d) As if half alive

Short Answer Questions

1. William comes home from the park a changed man. How does Anna react to this new side of her husband?

2. How does Tom react when Anna refuses to let Tilly put her in her nightdress?

3. During her two weeks in Wiggiston, what is Ursula's attitude toward Winifred and her Uncle Tom?

4. What is the bitter lesson Tom learns after his son is born?

5. Why is Tom glad that his wife Lydia is there for him on Anna's wedding day?

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