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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. William comes home from the park a changed man. How does Anna react to this new side of her husband?
(a) She is enthralled by his new strangeness.
(b) She is afraid of him.
(c) She tells him to get out.
(d) She ignores him completely.

2. When does Ursula feel the most secure, warm, and happy?
(a) When the whole family gathers at the table
(b) When she is with her baby sister
(c) When her father returns home
(d) When her mother is in the house

3. What does William ask the girl sitting next to him in the Empire ?
(a) If she has a husband
(b) How old she is
(c) If she would like to go to the tea shop with him
(d) If she goes to college

4. What gift does Tom give Will and Anna for their wedding?
(a) He gives them his favorite stallion.
(b) He gives them a cottage in Cossethay.
(c) He gives them a share in the farm.
(d) He gives them a horse and carriage.

5. What keeps Ursula from giving up her studies for the matriculation examination even though they are such a drudgery?
(a) It keeps her mind off Anton.
(b) Her quest for complete independence
(c) She is competing with Gudrun.
(d) She wants to make her father proud.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are William's actions with the girl he takes to the park?

2. What is Ursula's secret weapon toward independence if her studies do not work out?

3. What does Ursula wish as she swims with her swimming class mistress?

4. What is Ursula's impression of the colliers when she and Winifred go to her Uncle Tom's house in Wiggiston?

5. Why does Ursula's face get a strange, scared look at this time in her life?

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