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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Will ask Mr. and Mrs. Brangwen after he and Anna kiss in the cornfield?
(a) He asks if he can court Anna.
(b) He asks if he can work on the farm.
(c) He asks for her hand in marriage.
(d) He asks that they tell Anna he is leaving.

2. What do Winifred and Ursula do when they are at the bungalow?
(a) They swim in the lake.
(b) They have tea and figure Algebra problems.
(c) They have tea and discuss literature.
(d) They undress, go out in the rain and kiss and hold each other's naked body.

3. How does Anna feel about people she meets outside the Marsh farm?
(a) She is very friendly when meeting other people.
(b) She thinks they belittle her and despises them.
(c) She loves other people.
(d) She enjoys conversing with other people.

4. Who is the person Anna meets that she considers a real person of consequence?
(a) Frank
(b) Baron Skrebensky
(c) Tom
(d) Tilly

5. What does William ask the girl sitting next to him in the Empire ?
(a) How old she is
(b) If she goes to college
(c) If she would like to go to the tea shop with him
(d) If she has a husband

Short Answer Questions

1. While Anton is away, who does Ursula fall in love with while at school?

2. What lesson about life did Ursula learn at an early age after her father insults her for stepping in the seed beds?

3. Whose imminent visit from Nottingham excites the 18-year-old Anna?

4. How do Anna's temperament and William's temperament complement one another?

5. How does William adapt to life as a husband and father of three children?

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