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This place is the village in Derbyshire, England, where the Brangwens live.

Marsh Farm

Tom Brangwen inherits this from his father.


This is the town in Derbyshire, England, where the Brangwens live.

Yew Cottage

Anna and Will move here after their marriage.

The Boer War

Anton Skrebensky goes here and is gone for several years.

Nottingham Grammar School

After graduating from the local village school, Ursula and her siblings go here.


Tom Brangwen Junior moves to a home in this area.

Kingston on Thames

This is the first school to grant Ursula an interview for a teaching job.

St. Philips School

Ursula's father arranges a job for her in this place so she can live at home wile she works.

Art and Handwork

There is increasing interest in teaching these vocational skills to British youth.

Willey Green

When Will Brangwen receives his new Instructor position...

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