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Alex Sánchez
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nelson have Shea take pictures of him in Chapter 15?

2. What change to Jason's future plans has taken place now that his father is gone?

3. Why does Jason make the final decision to attend the meeting?

4. What does Kyle's father suggest he might do after Kyle's fight with Jack and Jose?

5. Why does Kyle go to see Nelson in Chapter 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who approaches Jason in the final chapter of the book? For what reason?

2. How does Nelson's mother respond to the information that Nelson had an unprotected sexual encounter? What impact does her response have on Nelson?

3. What happens when Jason and his father get into an altercation over the volume of his stereo?

4. Where does Nelson meet Brick? What happens when Nelson meets Brick at a local coffee bar?

5. What happens to Nelson that makes Jason feel the need to interfere? What does Jason do?

6. How does Debra react when Jason tells her that he thinks he might be gay?

7. With whom does Nelson go out in this chapter of the novel? What is different about this date than some of Nelson's other social encounters?

8. How does Kyle react to Nelson's confession of an unprotected sexual encounter? How does this situation impact Kyle?

9. How does Jason's father respond to Kyle and Nelson? How does Jason deal with his father's reaction?

10. Who does Nelson tell Shea he has been contacting over the Internet? For what reason does Shea suggest Nelson has been contacting this person?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is HIV? How is it spread? Why does Nelson have an unprotected encounter with an older man? Why does he panic when he realizes it was unprotected? What danger does this encounter pose for Nelson? How does Nelson feel about people who test positive for HIV? How does Nelson react when he learns that Jeremy is HIV positive? Does this change Nelson's opinion of those with HIV? Is HIV a reality of being gay? How do most people deal with it? How does Nelson choose to deal with it?

Essay Topic 2

How does Kyle feel about Jason's attempts to hide their relationship? Does Kyle understand Jason's motives? How does Nelson feel about the way Jason treats Kyle? Why does Nelson seem to support Jason's actions when he tries to keep Kyle from sitting at the athlete's table at lunch? Is Jason's treatment of Kyle fair? What might happen to Jason and Kyle if the other students at school learn the truth of their relationship? Is this a risk that the boys should be willing to take? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the following relationships in an essay, using quotes from the book to support your conclusions:

1) Nelson and his mother - Kyle and his mother

2) Nelson and Kyle - Jason and Kyle

3) Nelson and Shea - Nelson and Kyle

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