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Alex Sánchez
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Short Answer Questions

1. What argument does Ms. MacTrough give for the approval of the GSA?

2. What gift does Kyle give Nelson for Christmas?

3. What item does Nelson's mother use to support her arguments in favor of the GSA?

4. Why does Jason turn up the sound on his stereo in Chapter 13, causing his father to become angry?

5. Who does Kyle ask to attend a high school basketball game with him in Chapter 20?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Nelson hook up with Blake at a Rainbow Youth party? What happens?

2. How does Kyle react to Nelson's confession of an unprotected sexual encounter? How does this situation impact Kyle?

3. Who approaches Jason in the final chapter of the book? For what reason?

4. With whom does Nelson go out in this chapter of the novel? What is different about this date than some of Nelson's other social encounters?

5. How does Nelson feel when his father fails to pick him up for their pre-arranged dinner plans?

6. How does Debra react when Jason tells her that he thinks he might be gay?

7. What does Nelson's father say to Nelson on the phone? What does this conversation suggest about Nelson's relationship with his father?

8. Why does Jason feel that his father's leaving is his fault? How does Jason's father compare to Kyle and Nelson's fathers in this novel?

9. How does Corey react to the news that Jason is gay? What advice does he give Jason?

10. What does Kyle say when he kisses Jason? How does Jason respond?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Nelson grow jealous of Kyle's affections for Jason? How does Nelson feel about Kyle? About Jason? How does Nelson express his feelings toward these boys? Who does Nelson most often turn to for support? Why? Why does Nelson on two separate occasions try to convince Kyle to kiss him? How does Kyle react? For what reason? Why is Nelson insecure, afraid that he will never find true love? Where does this insecurity come from? How might Nelson learn to deal with this insecurity a little better?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the following relationships in detail, using quotes from the novel to support your conclusions:

1) Jason and Debra

2) Jason and Kyle

3) Kyle and his father.

Essay Topic 3

Why does the art teacher encourage Kyle to come out to his parents? How does Kyle feel about the possibility of telling his parents the truth of his sexuality? How does Kyle's mother finally realize her son is gay? How does she react to this information? How does Kyle tell his father the truth of his sexuality? How does Kyle's father react to the news? Why is Kyle convinced that his parents are not supportive of his choices? How do they change his mind?

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