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Alex Sánchez
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jason make Jack Ransom leave Nelson and Kyle alone?
(a) He threatens to call the police.
(b) He yells for help from nearby houses.
(c) He hits him.
(d) He simply tells him to stop.

2. Why does Shea suggest Nelson has begun talking to an older man over the Internet?
(a) To make up for not having a father.
(b) To meet new people.
(c) To make Kyle jealous.
(d) To look for sexual experience.

3. What argument does Ms. MacTrough give for the approval of the GSA?
(a) That it will offer counseling for students in trouble.
(b) That it will offer scholastic help for those in need.
(c) That it will give students a safe place to work out their sexual confusion.
(d) That it will promote tolerance.

4. Who visits Jason's home during the Christmas holiday?
(a) His older brother.
(b) His Uncle Ramiro and Aunt Ana.
(c) His mother's siblings.
(d) His grandmother.

5. What happens during basketball practice in Chapter 16 that makes Jason wonder if he has become a target of intolerance?
(a) Someone steals his clothes from his locker.
(b) Someone calls him a derogatory name.
(c) Someone fouls him during play.
(d) Someone purposely pushes him against the wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jason convinced that going to the first GSA meeting would be a mistake?

2. For the first time, with whom does Jason stop to talk in the hallway at school in Chapter 22?

3. Who leaves a note in Jason's locker in Chapter 13?

4. What does Jason teach Kyle to do in Chapter 14?

5. What item does Nelson's mother use to support her arguments in favor of the GSA?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kyle react to Nelson's confession of an unprotected sexual encounter? How does this situation impact Kyle?

2. What does Nelson's father say to Nelson on the phone? What does this conversation suggest about Nelson's relationship with his father?

3. How does Jason's father respond to Kyle and Nelson? How does Jason deal with his father's reaction?

4. Who does Nelson tell Shea he has been contacting over the Internet? For what reason does Shea suggest Nelson has been contacting this person?

5. What happens to Nelson that makes Jason feel the need to interfere? What does Jason do?

6. Who approaches Jason in the final chapter of the book? For what reason?

7. How does Kyle's father react to the fight in which Kyle has recently been involved? Why does this surprise and please Kyle?

8. How does Kyle's father react to meeting Jason for the first time? How does this make Kyle feel?

9. What happens when Jason and his father get into an altercation over the volume of his stereo?

10. Where does Nelson meet Brick? What happens when Nelson meets Brick at a local coffee bar?

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